Things I can’t find in Bishkek

Or why Bishkek will never quite seem like a city to me – as, for me, a city is a place with inexhaustible possibilities, a place that will always have everything you need and something more to offer.
So below is just a little rant. I’m generally not a picky expat who expects a Walmart and Nutella in every town abroad. But the things below aren’t expat things – and their absence in a city of one million does seem a little odd)

– Frisbees (maybe one of the outdoor goods stores sells them? Though none that I’ve seen do)
– a Mortar and Pestle (Osh bazaar – no; grocery store – no; any of the three big Turkish markets – no)
– Popsicle Molds (same as above. Seriously – with so much fresh fruit and juice, not to mention blistering hot summer, how do people not enjoy Popsicles?)
– Smaller, glass aquariums. Apparently people in Bishkek aren’t really into raising fish. Or they just keep them in milk bottles or GIANT showy aquariums.
– Cat littler with the odor-eliminating crystals. Though it would be just as easy to import as the crappy cat litter already imported from China, apparently no one has thought of this yet.


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