I might have found a job?

Seeing how scarce jobs be in Bishkek, I decided that volunteering/interning at an organization I found interesting for the two months until we go to Turkey might be worthwhile. I could gain/sharpen some skills, familiarize myself with the Kyrgyzstan context, network, and gain a good reference, plus gauge whether or not I wanted to work in a specific area.
So on Monday I e-mailed a Swiss organization that is doing some really interesting work in Kyrgyzstan – really practical projects that are simultaneously individual-oriented, and working for sustainable, systematic change.
On Wednesday I walked over to their office, met with the head of communications and had an informal interview. On Thursday I was called back, talked with the deputy country head, and started discussing projects I could work on, and was asked what salary I was expecting. I brought up the possibility of volunteer interning for two months and then evaluating and finalizing a position after I return in October, if that seems suitable to both parties. On Friday I went to their office on Manas at nine, was handed a 130 page project manual to read and familiarize myself with, met all the other people working on the project, had lunch together, and it seems I have started interning (with a possibility of longer-term working on this project, which is to continue to 2017).
Not quite working, no specified salary – but I think I’ve found an organization who’s values I really agree with, will be working on a project I believe is really worth the investment, and will be gaining some skills and experiences that will be very transferable, all with a great group of people. So I’m happy – even if it means I’ll somehow have to squeeze in Pilates and studying Turkish and working on writing the Conversational English book and everything else I’ve been doing in my “free” time elsewhere.


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