Balykchy Desolation

(For the third time, I have internet in the office, so a few more post and shares today).
This was posted some four, five years ago – but it’s still an interesting take on a town in Kyrgyzstan that, like a great number of communities in the country, isn’t seeing any profit from the decade’s economic growth. When I commented on the increase in expensive SUV’s (especially Lexus) I had noticed this summer, a Russian friend-of-a-friend commented that the rich all make their money stealing from the poor. There’s a miniature copy of upper-middle class American suburbs with gated homes that cost a quarter million or more spilling out from the south-west corner of the city (in fact, it’s all I can see between our apartment and the mountains); most of the country lives in relative poverty, and even the educated middle class always seem on the edge of desperation, like they too are just clinging on.


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