It’s a bad day for Bishkek.


First, let’s notice the 51 degree drop in temperature yesterday. No, that’s not a typo. Fifty-one degrees, from gorgeous sunny “I’m just going to take a light sweater” weather to arctic cold and sticking snow. Let me just misplace my keys until the snow melts next March))

Second, coming back from the grocery store today I started across the street as I had a green light, saw a guy driving through the red light several second after it turned, motioned for him to stop and continued walking across the crosswalk (after of course making sure I wasn’t going to get mowed down) only for the grunchy forty-something Kyrgyz driver to roll down his window and shout “Whore!” across the street.
Here’s one day when I wish the bribe-happy police were at this corner. But, seriously? What could be less effective? Like, “Oh no, some stranger in a beat-up car doesn’t like the idea of me because I follow traffic rules! If I walk across the street when I have a green light people are going to think I sell my body! I give up! I’m never going outside or asserting my rights in front of drivers again!” Nope, I’m pretty sure I’m going to continue walking across crosswalks when I have a green light. Some days I truly wish for paint ball grenades to chuck at people’s cars. Or just polite drivers and actually enforced traffic laws.
Kyrgyzstan, I hope you do yourself better tomorrow.


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