Bishkek Cheap Eats: Tantuni!

I’ll try to make this a regular posting category))

Tantuni are a bit like Turkish burritos, without the beans and cheese, and possibly served like a hoagie (can I spell that?) on a toasted baguette instead of tortilla-lavash. The meat is tender, lean and spicy, mixed with onions, tomatoes, hot pepper and salty, savory sauce.
Bishkek now boast two tantuni joints, one right outside the Beta Stores on Chui, one (with indoor seating) right across from Vefa on Gorkovo/ about 20 meters West of Sovietskaya. Both have hot, fresh tantuni for 100 som (currently $1.85), made by chefs from Mersin, the Turkish town that is home to tantuni. It’s like having a Philly cheese steak join with an owner actually from Philly open up in your backyard (for those of you that like Philly Cheese steak…)



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