Holiday Plans (Kind of Suck When You Live in Central Asia)

So the man and I are trying to plan a holiday vacation to somewhere not frigid. We should have about a week off from work, or at most be required to take off only two days. The problem is this:
Or this:
Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 12.16.19 PM
and this:
visas for americans
Basically, if it’s within a reasonable flight it’s either (supposedly) unsafe, impossible to get a visa with my American passport, or frozen.
Our non-frozen non-politcaly-volatile direct (or quasi-direct) flight options seem to be limited to Dubai (a lot of people from Kyrgyzstan go there to work or to shop, so there’s a direct flight from Bishkek for $486 per person round trip) or Delhi (Routed through Almaty, $458 per person).
Delhi is still pretty cold in winter (I’ve heard), and travel in India would certainly be a little more chaotic than Dubai (where package tours abound), but…. but… history and architecture and authentic Indian food and the world’s most crowded public transportation system….
Another interesting thing: all the flight-inclusive online tours I’ve found for Dubai seem to be for people residing in India.
Any thoughts? Delhi or Dubai…


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