Kyrgyzstan, Cake


If I ever complain about Cake in Bishkek, this is why. Last night we had some friends over for dinner and, as per custom, they brought a cake. Dessert didn’t follow dinner however, and the cake was left in it’s box ’til morning, when Erdem and I decided to see what was inside. Cute cake, but basically white fluff, like someone had sprayed a vanilla-flavored sponge with plasticy-sweet Styrofoam. In other words, typical of most desserts in Kyrgyzstan – always fluffy, always sweet, never very intense in taste or ultimately satisfying. Considering that I grew up going to Cafe Latte for sweets and Sunday brunch, this is more than mildly disappointing on the occasion where I do want dessert (or where you’re served a plate and expected to eat it). Seriously, I salivated looking at the cakes from Cafe Latte.

Turtle Nut Cake


However, I have found one place that serves decent dessert – the Stolovaya (Cafeteria) just south of Manas University on Prospect Mira has fantastic honey cake for 45 som (about 90 cents). And it’s only this stolovaya too – even coutured cafes and restaurants can’t compare. Erdem loves it heated up and topped with kaymak and honey – last time he ate it in about five seconds flat, so no pictures for the blog.
But seriously – the Medovnik from the public cafeteria near Manas University is the only cake worth eating in Bishkek. Waste not your waist anywhere else.


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