Little Things to Love in Turkey

Every country has a collection of little things locals take for granted that add that extra spark of convenience to living and traveling (along with those little things that can rear up and make living/traveling a complete pain).
Over my three times in Turkey I’ve come to love these three little conveniences:
1. Free tea or coffee at almost every highwayside gas station.


2. 1 Lira Massage Chairs for the weary, found in almost every airport, mall and shopping center.


3. Corner stands selling fresh juice. These are so numerous that I’ve forgotten to take pictures. In Ankara and almost every town we’ve visited there’s an abundance of fresh juice – orange juice being the most popular, but pomegranate juice, grapefruit juice, apple juice and carrot juice are also usually available. Fresh pressed juice from street stalls is usually $1-1.50; at a mall cafe, restaurant or cafe it’s still an affordable $2-3.

4. Year-Round Outdoor Terraces. Even when the weather hits sub-zero, Turkey’s many, many restaurants, cafes and bars still serve on their outdoor cafes. Some are a bit chilly, but most are generously outfitted with heat-blasting space heaters that subdue the Nordic temps.




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