Stevia-Sweetened Dark Chocolate in Kyrgyzstan?

My usual favorite (78% Rosheen a Dark Chocolate) was out at Narodnie when we went to the store today (along with half a dozen other things, like spatulas, cat litter and plain yogurt, because…Kyrgyzstan supply lines), but guess what I found (in the ‘diabetic good’ section, right next to the chocolate and candy section…)? Stevia-sweetened sugar-free “dark” chocolate! This is the first time I’ve seen stevia-anything in Central Asia.

The Taste Test:
Smooth, not incredibly strong chocolate flavor. As I like my chocolate strong (75-85%) and more bitter than smooth or sweet, this was kind of a pass for me. But maybe someday they’ll actually import stevia into Kyrgyz grocery stores? Here’s to hoping…

(On a random side note: if in Turkey, Carrefour tends to carry it in cube form again in the diabetic food/sweetener section)



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