Top 5 Things to do in Ankara — Off the Beaten Path

Ankara isn’t the most tourist-friendly city, and it doesn’t have the endless unexplored possibilities of other cities I’ve lived in (like Guangzhou, Urumqi or Beijing), but there’s still a decent amount you can find poking around (plus I like her upbeat account).

Adventures in Ankara

I have hesitated to write a Top 5 “to do” list of my favorite places in Ankara.  The reason?  I am not a “usual” type of girl. The things I like to see and do will also be enjoyed by most of you, but most are NOT the typical places you will find on a typical list of sightseeing in Ankara.  I find it hard to walk in a straight line on any given day, and therefore, I prefer to walk off of the beaten path.

1- Enjoy Nature – In a city with a population of about 4.5 million people, the last thing one would expect to see is a lot of grass and trees, not to mention lakes.  But it’s always possible!  In Ankara, my absolute favorite place is Eymir Gölü.  In 1956, 45 square kilometers of land, including this lake, was given to Middle East Technical…

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