Bishkek Burritos

So last summer this “Burrito” place popped up on Sovietskaya, about half way between Axunbaeva and the London School. A Vegetarian and American friend of mine said she had tried it, and it was beyond passable. Since it’s the meat that’s usually the problem, and I’ve gotten a bit queasy after eating tantuni (basically Turkish Burrito) in Bishkek, I was skeptical.
But today was cold and grey, and I had some time, so I went and picked up a steak burrito, a chicken burrito, and fresh nachos. And…

The place was really clean, they used fresh ingredients (though no peppers, onions, scallions or fresh lettuce, and they don’t have black beans – Bishkek doesn’t have black beans), and everything is reasonably priced – burritos are about $2 each.

…and man-sized.

And man (and me) approved, though the man did not know beforehand what a burrito was (what!? There’s no Turk-Mexican?!?).
Only thing – don’t ask for medium-spicy if you like even a little spice. Ask for really spicy.


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