American Sniper and Story Perspective

An honest story isn’t always one we want to hear.  Nor is it necessarily true – a story is just one particular take on events out of many, one set of eyes backed by a faulty mind.

I know American Sniper received a lot of rap (and acclaim) for being one-sided, or pro-patriotic, but perhaps those aren’t the most relevant standards to judge it. American Sniper Poster

Every store lends a perspective, an angle and a take on events.  If it sketches it so real and full that the story resonates in our bones, that we shift uncomfortably in our seats, that we begin to question or second-guess, then it has been successful in portrayal.

If a movie makes you focus, if you find yourself twitching in your seat, understanding and yet questioning the characters’ motivation – then it’s told a story, and told a story well.

American Sniper doesn’t have to present every angle – it just has to present one so well that the itch of its imperfections sinks beneath our skin.


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