Bishkek Food Hacks: Chicken Alfredo

If you want something a little more gourmet, and don’t have time/don’t know what to make with the limited winter produce/like Italian, this almost matches the pasta at Cyclone, costs $3 for an entire pot.
I was making E post-basketball pasta today and decided to see if the mushroom “Happy Milkman” creamy spreadable cheese sitting in the back of our fridge would work as pasta sauce. I don’t remember the last time I got so much praise for dinner. It was so good I almost ate it myself (and I’m not a pasta eater…). And it was super easy.

Pasta of Choice (20-50 som)
1/3 container spreadable cheese, mushroom flavor (80 som/container)
Chopped dill (10 som)
1/4 onion, sliced thin (5 som?)
Chicken breast (50-100 som; depends on how much you want

1. Make Pasta; add sliced onions if desires
2. Drain Pasta
3. Cut chicken breast into cubes
4. Sauté chicken breast
5. Mix spreadable cheese into pasta. Sprinkle dill. Add chicken. Stir.

Possible Modifications:
Thin sliced onions to garnish
Ham instead of chicken?
Sliced and sautéed mushrooms


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