Bishkek Finds: Stevia!

Expat Dreams Come True! There is stevia in Bishkek!
I stopped in the 7 дней market on Sovietskaya/Chuy today, walked by the small “diabetic” section, looked up and, lo and behold! They had stevia! First time I’ve ever seen it for sale anywhere outside of Europe and the U.S.  A bit pricey ($4 for 150 servings), but…available!

From the box I thought it was going to be powder (like the canisters on the right, and like the stevia I used to buy at Trader Joe’s), but the box was mostly air and packaging – the actual stevia is in a tooth-floss-sized box filled with tiny white pills.  Not something I’d want to bring to the airport with me, or try to cross international borders while carrying…

…And maybe next we’ll have a Trader Joe’s? (maybe in 20 years)

*to note: there are no ‘health food’ sections in Kyrgyz supermarkets, but the ‘diabetic’ section does have sugar free stuff (though I think the cheaper bottles to the right contained aspartame, so not all that’s sugar-free is good)


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