Quick Cafe Review: Adriano Coffee

Adriano Coffee (at least four Bishkek locations – проспект Мира 29, Исанова 87, пр Чуй 127, and now just South of Beta 2) isn’t as popular as Sierra, probably because the prices are a bit higher (and there’s automatically added 15% gratuity).  But I still head there quite often, especially when I want to do work.  Why?

First, because the coffee is delicious.  They roast their own beans – you can actually watch them roasting their coffee on the second floor of the Karl Marx St. branch – and have a superior espresso machine. I’ve literally never had a bad cup of coffee. So yes, I will pay $2.20 for a great cappuccino.

According to E, they also have fairly good fare.  The offerings are fairly standard for Bishkek cafes – hamburgers, club sandwiches, soups, salads, desserts – but everything we’ve ordered was done well, presented nicely, and was not inordinately expensive (150-350 som for entrees)

Second, because they have glassed-off, completely closed smoking areas, which is more than I can say for most Bishkek cafes (or restaurants, or malls or…anywhere).

Third: because Adriano is less popular, their wifi works great.  At Sierra there are sometimes so many people that the wifi crawls like a small snail with gum stuck to it’s shell.  Websites crash.  Pictures fail to load. Not here.  Also, it’s quiet (not something I can say for Sierra’s ‘conference rooms’ where young Kyrgyz college kids will often play youtube videos or listen to music sans headphones.

And last: the space.  Especially with the new branch south of Beta 2 the cafes have comfortable chairs, tall exposed industrial ceilings, lots of nice woodwork, and a Portland-esqu vibe.  It’s a great atmosphere to work without interruption.

Little Practicalities:

Go for: The coffee! Desserts, light lunches/dinners/a break from walking around, dates, getting work done

English: Bilingual menus, some of the servers speak English

Hours: Three brances are open 8am-11pm, one 24 hours


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