KOMFORT: Literally Everything You Might Need Plus Some Bling

The Osh Bazaar is still hands down Bishkek’s most comprehensive shopping mecca. From kittens to stolen electronics to bananas to fresh meat to sofa covers to army gear to underwear to hammers and nails the Osh Bazaar has it all (if not always in very good quality).  But it’s also a bit messy, and parking is chaotic, especially on the weekends when the crossroads are flooded with red-light running marshrutkas and non law-abiding shopworkers pulling huge laden carts. We’ve also had a few brushes with the traffic police (for turning right onto an unmarked road).  So today when we needed a new lock for our front door and a lamp for our living room we headed over to “Mega Komfort”, a sort of Bishkek Menards (minus the whirlpools and with a lot more chandeliers).

Mega Komfort (8 Shopokov st; Moscovskaya and Ibrahimov) is basically a housing emphorium, or the closest Bishkek equivalent.  It’s neither large nor crowded, and the shops are moderately well-organized, so it’s pretty easy to find stuff.  There are shops selling bathroom plastics and cleaning supplies, toilets and chandeliers (in the same shop, which was odd, as they were the only products in that shop), sinks and bathtubs, fake flowers and faucets, electric drills and other tools, carpets and slip mats, housing siding and rubber piping, door knobs and locks, wooden cabinets and stools, lamps and lighting fixtures.  The second floor is one large store devoted entirely to lighting.  As you can see from the photos below, most of it is pretty bling.  Because every apartment in Bishkek needs at least one good chandelier.

We came away with a couple of more sensible lamps and frosted lightbulbs – things otherwise hard to find (and generally expensive in Bishkek).  Obviously the chandeliers were a little pricier, but overall the prices were reasonable – we payed 300 som for a decent quality imported front door lock, 20-25 som for lightbulbs, and most table lamps in the upstairs store were about 300-600 som (the same might cost $20-30 in the US).



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