Is It Safe to Travel in Turkey?

Another post I wrote for a different blog, aimed at a slightly different audience, but most of the tips are still absolutely relevant. Basically: Don’t act like an ass while traveling abroad, be attentive and adjust to your surroundings, seek help when you need it, and you should be fine.

Retire Turkey

Between recent attacks on government offices in Istanbul, protests over educational content, clashes between protesters and the police, instability in neighboring Syria, and Turkey’s perceived image as a Muslim nation with limited freedoms, many Americans and some Europeans have expressed fear over the idea of stepping foot in Turkey.  Right now, from watching the news, it [may] seem like a dangerous place to travel, and certainly not an ideal retirement destination.  But are these misgivings unfounded? And is it actually safe to travel (and live) in Turkey?

The Short Answer: Yes, probably.

The Long Answer: Yes, probably, as long as you keep your wits about you and act in a respectful and civilized manner.  Provided you act as you wish visitors to your community to act, you should not come against any major problems.  Turkey actually has a very low crime rate, and no inherent cultural dislike of individual foreigners. Keep an…

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