Feeding our Daughter

tutya-at-dinnerOur daughter is now eight months old.  As we started feeding her at 4 months, this means she now eats everything we put in front of her and still pines for more. For two months I was able to spoon feed her, and then one day she discovered that she could use her fingers to transport food to her mouth (!).  And after that, all innocence was lost (along with the prospect of an easy-t0-clean meal). Now, the only thing I can spoonfeed her are a few purees, like carrot.  Even oatmeal she refuses, and apparently yogurt is a finger food (or else she’s just a little ahead on the growth curve and already trying to apply her own facial masks).  As she will, eventually, have to feed herself anyway, we’ve adapted the way we feed her.  Little bits of everything go on her tray – some smashed peas, slices of steamed squash or carrots or sweet potatoes, roasted tofu (easy to clean!), tender flakes of chicken, banana-oatmeal baby ‘pancakes’ or homemade flax-oat-banana baby crackers.

Tutya sees the food on her tray and starts launching herself toward it, as if she’s swimming in air, in my arms.  I latch on the bucket bib and she’s already reaching out for everything on her tray, grabbing it and bringing it towards her magnetic mouth.  Much of it gets mushed or falls into her bib. But she enjoys herself, humming as she eats and looking up at us in bright-eyed amazement. When she wants more, she bangs her palms against the tray, delighted at the sound it makes.  By the end of the meal she’s a mess, and we take her into the bathroom to wash her hands and face… and hair.

[I know I haven’t been writing many blogs of late.  It is hard to find the time for a cultivated blog with a baby at home and so many things to do in the hours she sleeps.  Sometimes I feel I don’t have enough time to truly delve into and develop my thoughts enough for a post – or even to figure out my own opinions! Still, I want to write, and I do want to capture this place and our livesnow.  I’ve thus decided to post three times a week, anthology style, with a photo and text.  One post will be recipes, one our daughter/family, and one a certain place around the city.  Enjoy!]


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