I realize this isn’t *really* Central Asia related, but I created it last year for a fellow couchsurfer, and thought I could share. Since dialects vary between regions, and most foreigners are at first horrible at Chinese pronunciation, I created this for travelers to print off and bring with them – just show the phrase you need to locals. If you have any Chinese-related questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below, or send me a pm.

China Cheat Sheet

Sorry, I don’t understand. 不好意思,我听不懂. Bu hao yi si, wo ting bu dong
Do you speak English? 你会英语吗?
Do you speak Russian? 你会俄语吗?
I’m from _____________ 我来自______
I’m traveling 我在中国旅游
Excuse me (when you want someone’s attention) 打扰一下 da rao yi xia
Sorry (apologizing) 不好意思. Bu hao yi si
No problem (in response to sorry) 没事 mei shi
Thank you 谢谢. Xie xie (shey shey)
Hello 你好 ni hao
Goodbye 再见 zai jian

Do you have… 有没有。。。?
What’s this? 这是什么?
More tea please. 请加茶水
More rice please. 加米饭
Please give me one… 请给我一份。。。
I want… 我要。。。
It’s cold. 这个菜已经凉了。
This isn’t what I ordered. 这个不对(这个不是我点的菜)
Check please. 买单 mai dan (my dan)
I don’t eat pork. 我不是猪肉

Soup 汤
Rice 米饭
Noodles 面条

Eggs 鸡蛋
Chicken 鸡肉
Beef 牛肉
Pork 猪肉
Mutton 羊肉
Fish 鱼
Tofu 豆腐
Kebab 羊肉串

Beef ramen 牛肉面
Laghman 拌面
Plov/pilaf 抓饭
Rice topped with meat and vegetables 盖饭
Fried rice 炒饭
Fried noodles 炒面
Cold noodles 凉粉、凉皮
Rice porridge 粥
Stuffed bun 包子
Pan-fried bread 饼子
Pan fried bread with scallions 葱花饼
Steamed bread 馒头
Dumpling 饺子

Cucumber 黄瓜
Tomato 西红柿
Eggplant 茄子
Corn 玉米
Cabbage 包菜
Leek 韭菜
Potato 土豆
Green pepper 青椒

Egg and tomato 鸡蛋炒西红柿
Egg and leek 韭菜鸡蛋
Cold cucumber salad 凉拌黄瓜
Savory eggplant 红烧茄子
Home style tofu 家常豆腐
Tofu and greens soup 豆腐青菜汤

Salt 盐
Sugar 糖
Vinegar 醋
Soy sauce 酱油
Hot pepper 辣椒粉
Hot pepper sauce 辣椒酱

napkins 纸巾,餐厅纸
chopsticks 筷子
cup 杯子
plate 盘子
bowl 碗
fork 叉子
spoon 勺子

Hotel 宾馆,酒店,旅社
Hostel 旅社,接待所
International Youth Hostel 国际青年旅舍
Single room 单人间
Double 双人间
Standard 标准间
With a private bath 带卫生间
Without a private bath 共用卫生间
For one night 一天
For two nights 两天
Can you lower the price? 能不能便宜一点?

Deposit 押金
Key 钥匙
AC 空天
Receipt 发票

Bus station车站(长途汽车站)
Bus stop 公交车站
Train station 火车站

Road 路
Avenue 大街

Local bus 公交车
Long distance bus 长途汽车
Taxi 出租车

One ticket to… 一张到。。。
Is there a bus to…? 有没有到。。。的车?
Where can I find the bus to…? 那里有到。。。的车?

(On the train)
Seat 硬座
Hard sleeper 硬卧
Soft sleeper 软卧

Today 今天
Tomorrow 明天
Morning 早上
Afternoon 下午
Night 晚上

Where can I find…? 哪里有。。。?
Do you have…? 你有没有?

How much is this? 这个多小钱?
That’s too expensive. 太贵了
Can you lower the price? 能不能便宜一点?
What’s your lowest price? 你最低价是多少?
I’ll think about it. 我想一想
I’ll give you… 我给你。
Is… Ok? 。。。怎么样?

Bandaid 伤口片
Water 水
Toilet paper 卫生纸
Aspirin 头疼片
A plastic bag 塑料袋

Where’s the…? 。。。在哪?
Where am I now? 我现在在哪个位置?
Where’s the nearest…? 最近的。。。在哪?
Is it far? 远吗?
What bus can I take? 我应该坐哪路公交车?
Is there a bus to… here? 这里有没有到。。。的车?

Bathroom 卫生间
Bank 银行
Supermarket 超市
Small store 小卖部
Post office 邮局
Hostel 旅社
Hotel 宾馆
Bus stop 车站
Bus station 公交车站
Train station 火车站
Restaurant 饭馆
Little restaurant 小饭店
Steamed bread stand 包子铺
Night Market 夜市场
Fruits and vegetables market 菜市场
Chemists (medicine shop) 药店


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