Work With Me!

I’m an experienced writer, editor, curriculum developer, social media manager, college guidance counselor, and intercultural project solutions provider.  If you have a project in mind, contact me and we can discuss possibilities and details.  A few of the areas I’m comfortable working in include:

  • Content Creation (visual and written; for websites, blogs, brochures)
  • Editing: until its recent closure, I was an editor for USAK (Journal of Turkish Weekly, Journal of International Law & Politics and other publications); I’ve also edited doctoral dissertations as well as numerous shorter academic works, presentations, university communications, proposals, application letters, and pretty much everything else under the sun.  I do everything from light proofreading to writing coaching to heavier editing and ghost writing (though the latter not for academic papers and applications)
  • Setting up WordPress Sites (like,  and and walking you through the basics
  • Social Media Solutions and Management (creating and executing strategic plans to reach your ideal audience)
  • College Guidance Counseling and Personal Statement Review

Though if you’re interested in collaborating on something else, that could be a possibility too.


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