My Other Sites – I’m gradually moving everything from this blog over to a self-hosted site.

Xinjiangaggins: My last year in China, spent learning Uyghur (unsuccessfully) and teaching (somewhat more successfully) at a university in Urumqi, Xinjiang.

Edible China: Pictures of food from around China.

Flickr: Mostly photos from my years in Beijing.

Fohantures: My second year after graduating from Reed I worked as a college guidance counselor in Foshan and Guangzhou.

Yunnan Hoy: From 2010-2011 I worked for Teach for China in rural (read, really rural) Yunnan, in remote SW China. Kind of like the Yukon, only with pigs the size of polar bears.

Twitter: E’s cousin owns Milan Real Estates, a real estate group that sells quality vacation and retirement homes on Turkey’s Mediterranean to foreigners (mostly Belgians).  I’m working on finding an American audience, particularly targeting American retirees who were hit especially hard by the economic downturn and can no longer afford to retire in as much comfort in the US.

ACGC: American College Guidance Counselors

Couchsurfing: Like everything else that relies on humans, couchsurfing is imperfect.  However, I’ve used it all over Asia and the US and found it to be a great way to meet actually interesting people, and gain more diverse insights on the places where you stay.


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