take away turkishMostly Free Turkish Language Learning Resources

Everything on here I have used and found useful enough to share. If you have any resources you would like to share, please comment below!

For some ideas on how to create an interesting language learning practice, check out my post 15 Ways to Vary Young Language Learning

Turkish Proficiency Tests:

Oxford University Proficiency Test
Turkish Language Center (Izmir) Proficiency Test
Cactus Proficiency Test
Vocab Quizzes

turkish tea time


Turkish Podcasts and Listening Material:
Turkish Tea Time Podcasts
Songs with Lyrics

Turkish Language Institute

Turkish Textbooks:
Teach Yourself Turkish (on Amazon)
Teach Yourself Turkish (free online PDF)
Take Away Turkish
Modern Turkish: A Complete Course for Beginners

A few more textbooks and reviews and here

Tomer Hitit Textbooks: Hitit 3 books

*I also have the Hitit audio tracks accompanying books 1-3; if you would like them, please contact me.

Online Language Guides and Forums:

Turkish Tea Time Online Lessons
Turkish Tea Time Grammar


Online Practice & Other Tools
Memrise Hacking Turkish Course
DuoLingo (Review here)
Turkish tea Time Word of the Day

Hands on Turkish

Videos & TV Shows in Turkish:

Kanal D Shows in Turkish with Turkish Subtitles

Issiz Adam (English subs)
Issiz Adam (link that works in Kyrgyzstan)
Yol/The Road (English Subs)
Once Upon a Time In Anatolia (Spanish Subs…)
Mutluluk/Bliss (English Subs)


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