Afyon Primarily a layover on the way to Antalya; supposedly they have hotsprings; we’ve only stopped at the Migros for and last-minute bargain-priced vacation supplies at the outlets.

Ankara Ankara is the Washington D.C of Turkey, a livable, if someone civil-service-minded spread out city of six-million.  Plenty of public parks, and a pedestrian district full of bookstores, live music and quirky cafes at Kızılay.

Bodrum Ritzy, glitzy, crowded and always buzzing, Bodrum is the upscale holiday mecca with plenty of mid-budget spots, beautiful seaside cafes, an old cobble-stoned pedestrian district filled with handcrafted shoes and neon pink knock-offs alike, quieter villages around the bay, and plenty of suburban sprawl.

Cappadocia/Kapadoky – Göreme A backpacker’s haven of fairy chimney guesthouses and tea houses filled with Anatolian carpets; busy in the summer, mostly terrible food, but fantastic views and stunning hikes to ancient churches and stunning stone formations accessible from the main streets.

Dalyan A sleepy sun-soaked town where Brits buy summer houses, just a bike-ride away from a two mile crescent beach where sea turtles bury their eggs under the shade of pine and palm trees alike.

Didim Bodrum’s cheaper, newer cousin; stripped down endless summer fun without the pretensions; lively boardwalk filled with cafes, free public beaches a plenty, sleepy summer streets, quiet coves, and lots of British people buying 2 BR flats. Close to the Temple of Apollo, which is like a mini Ephes in architecture.
Efes/Ephesus An ancient Roman port town that now sits up the hill from the sea; Ephes still houses intricate and astounding architecture and long roads all carved of massive, time-intouchable stone.  Yes, crowded; but, yes, worth it.


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